Protecting your health information in family and domestic violence situations

Following concerns from people affected by domestic and family violence about My Health Record the following information has been released.

If you are affected by family and domestic violence, you can take steps to control the information in your My Health Record. If you are concerned about an individual finding you or your child through information in your child’s My Health Record, there are a number of protections you or the Australian Digital Health Agency can promptly put in place with My Health Record to protect your family’s safety.

Either call the My Health Record Helpline on 1800 723 471 for the protections to be explained or take control yourself with one of the following methods:

  • Set Privacy and Security controls by setting a PIN which is called a record access code. Only those health practitioners who you give the code to, will be able to access your record.
  • Set up notifications to see when someone accesses your record for the first time and monitor access by viewing the access history log.
  • Register under a pseudonym by applying to Department of Human Services for a pseudonym Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) to register a My Health Record in that name.
  • If you believe an authorised representative such as another parent should not have access to your child’s My Health Record, contact the Helpline.

For more information please go to the Family and Domestic Violence webpage on My Health Record website.