Public forum: Exploring sexual violence and institutionalisation in the ACT (2012)

In February 2012 WCHM, with a range of partner organisations, hosted a public forum exploring sexual violence and institutionalisation in the ACT. The forum was held at the National Library of Australia. The guest speakers were touching, articulate and knowledgeable, they included: Wilma, a Forgotten Australian, Kathy from the ACT Women And Prisons (WAP) Group, and Marianna, who has experienced sexual violence in the Psychiatric Services Unit, Toni Ashmore from the Women’s Health Service (WHS), Sue Salthouse from Women With Disabilities ACT (WWDACT), and Meredith Hunter ACT Greens MLA. This was very powerful for the audience, who were privileged to learn about their experiences and what we can do to prevent trauma from sexual violence in institutions occurring in the future.