Have your say about areas in the ACT that you think are unsafe!

Follow the link below to the Safety Mapping Tool


Are there areas in Canberra where you feel unsafe? Or places that have been well planned and you do feel safe? We need your help!

We want to provide feedback to the ACT’s Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, so we encourage you to use the tool to tell us what you think.

We developed The Safety Mapping Tool to gather information from Canberrans (particularly women) about the public places and spaces in the ACT where they feel safe or unsafe, and to understand what elements contribute to those spaces being perceived to be safe or unsafe.

We use the information gathered in this Safety Mapping Tool to influence the future design of public spaces and facilities in the ACT, by addressing any identified safety issues or addressing the perceptions of safety.

We have released a report which documents the results of data entered in WCHM’s Safety Mapping Tool from June 2016 to August 2018. What makes public spaces safer for ACT women? includes findings about where women feel safe or unsafe in public spaces, and why they feel safe or unsafe. It confirms that women and men use public spaces differently, and have different ideas about what makes them feel safe or unsafe in those spaces. We hope to update this report in future.

Perceptions of personal safety can influence the extent to which some people in the ACT use public places and spaces, preventing some people from fully participating in the community. Women and men use public spaces differently, and have different ideas about what makes them feel safe in those spaces. For example, while the physical environment does not cause violence against women, having a fear of crime or violence can heavily influence a woman’s perception of safety, therefore affecting how she will make use of the public space.

If you have any suggestions for improving this tool or feedback please let us know at: admin@wchm.org.au

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Developed with assistance from the ACT Government

1. Fill out the information required in the Demographic Select the suburb you wish to map out by choosing from the suburbs listed in the drop down box.

The map view will change to show the suburb you have selected.

You can zoom in by pressing the + button located in the key at the top left hand corner of the map.

You can move the map around to explore the area by holding down the mouse as you drag it over the map.

Safety Mapping Map

2. Map out the area you would like to leave feedback about by clicking on the rectangle or circle icon. Click and hold the mouse while dragging it over the area you would like to map out.

Rectangle icon for safety mapping

You can also use the marker tool by clicking on the icon and then clicking on the spot where you would like to drop the marker.

marker icon for safety mapping

3. Once you have highlighted or marked an area the Your Opinion section will appear on the right hand side of the map. Fill out the information so we can better understand how you feel about the area.

4. Once you have filled out the information it will automatically be saved and submitted!

Editing Your Selection

You can delete your shape or marker if you have made a mistake by clicking on the rubbish bin icon and then clicking on your selected area. Once the shape or marker has disappeared press the “save” button next to the rubbish bin icon.


To change the size of your shape or move it on the map, click on the pencil icon (above the rubbish bin icon) and then click on your shape.

Click and hold the white square in the middle of the shape to move it around the map.

Click and pull on the outside squares to change the size of the shape.

Press the save button once you have completed changing the shape.