Respectful Reporting on violence against Women: Guidelines for ACT Media (2014)

WCHM received funding in the 2013-14 ACT Women’s Grants round to develop a set of tools to support ACT media to report more accurately, appropriately and respectfully on violence against women. The project developed out of conversations hosted at the Partners in Prevention lunch 2012, at which a media table explored how they could contribute towards creating a community that respects the rights of women to live free from fear and the experience of violence.

The products developed by this project assist journalists and other local media to gain a better understanding of the various forms of violence against women and children, enabling them to report on the issue with greater accuracy. The tools focus on four key issues: domestic violence; sexual violence; Indigenous family violence; and child sexual assault. In developing these resources, WCHM partnered with other local community sector experts Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, Beryl Women Inc. and Domestic Violence Crisis Service. The University of Canberra piloted the materials as part of the curriculum for the Bachelor of Communication in Journalism, for which they received a 2013 Partners in Prevention Media Award.

The Guides for Media can be found here.