During late 2017 and early 2018 WCHM undertook a consultation with ACT women about their sexual and reproductive health needs. This provided an opportunity for WCHM to understand how women in the ACT access information services for their sexual and reproductive health including contraception, STIs, access to health screening, and termination of pregnancy, and to find out what was working and not working for them.

The survey had received 510 completed responses when it closed in November 2017. WCHM analysed the data collected through the survey and conducted forums to identify the themes about the challenges and the barriers that different groups of women face and what works and does not work for them.

The report Improving Choices and Options: The views of ACT women about their sexual and reproductive health needs was released in October.  The findings from this research will be used to inform and work with ACT Government about possible responses to the gaps and barriers that ACT women say they are facing in this important area of their health.