Strong women, great city: A survey for ACT’s women with disabilities (2012)

Throughout 2011-2012 WCHM partnered with Women With Disabilities ACT (WWDACT) to run a survey for women with disabilities who live in the ACT. The survey was undertaken with two aims in mind: firstly, to complement existing disability data, and secondly, to highlight areas of need where data does not currently exist, particularly ACT specific data disaggregated by sex and disability.

The survey covered three main areas: health and wellbeing, participation in social life and participation in economic life. Between these three areas the main priorities of WWDACT and WCHM are represented: to create the conditions necessary for all ACT women to make informed decisions about and manage their health and wellbeing; to improve women’s social participation and thereby reduce the likelihood of isolation or marginalisation; and to work to improve the social determinants of women’s health through advocating for (among other things) improved access to education and employment. The findings of the research have now been published in the summary report Strong Women, Great City: A snapshot of findings from a survey of ACT’s women with disabilities.