Submissions and Consultations

Call for input to National Strategic Approach to Maternity Services

There are a wide range of interested stakeholders and views on maternity services in Australia. Before designing a National Strategic Approach to Maternity Services (NSAMS) the Department of Health wants to hear from interested stakeholders on what you believe works well and what needs improvement. Deadline 18 June.


Request for Support – Myalgic Encephalmyelitis (ME) advocacy 

ME is a critical women’s health issue. The US Government estimates that ME affects significantly more females than males (between 70%-85% or 2-4 time more females than males). It is a debilitating neurological illness that affects the brain, endocrine system and muscles, around one in four people with this condition are housebound or bedbound. It is also a sizable problem, with between 94,000 and 242,000 Australians affected by ME.

There is currently no treatment or cure. While the World Health Organisation has treated ME as a neurological illness since 1969, the current official Australian approach to ME still treats the illness as though it is a psychosocial condition.

However, there is hope. Last week the Australian Senate unanimously passed a motion that recognised the need for biomedical research into ME and the importance of government’s working with people who have ME to ensure they get the support they need. Some scientific investment is going to the right places and making significant breakthroughs (e.g. identified issues in natural killer cells functioning) and more politicians both in Australia and across the world are recognising change is needed.

M.E. Australia are looking to connect with women’s groups, particularly women’s health groups, because of the gendered impacts of M.E. In particular M.E. Australia is looking for support for the following advocacy asks:
1. Calling for $10 million per annum in biomedical research into ME
2. Develop new guidelines that treat ME as a medical illness not a psycho-social condition

Nominations open for the 2018 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards

Nominations for the 2018 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards are now open and the Award Board is looking for successful programs that are working hard to make their community safer.
Any government agency, not-for-profit organisation or individual person making a significant contribution to a project in Australia can be nominated for an Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award.
Nominations are open to projects of all sizes, including smaller initiatives involving local community groups.

Projects can relate to specific groups such as rural and remote communities, women, children, youth, family, migrant, ethnic or Indigenous communities, or specific problems such as alcohol-related violence. The project must have been fully operational prior to 1 February 2017.

Whether it’s a project you are involved in, or a project that you believe deserves recognition, please help spread the word. Head to  for more information or to submit your nomination today.