silhouette of woman's face

Key findings from the NCAS report:

While Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality are improving, there are some disturbing trends.

  • many people’s knowledge and attitudes to violence against women are out of step with the evidence, and with women’s experiences.
  • It’s concerning that a substantial minority mistrust women’s reports of violence, and feel the problem of gender inequality is exaggerated. We need to do more to change these attitudes.
  • Our attitudes to sexual consent are concerning. We need to focus on the abusive behaviour, not women’s choices.

For more information, find links to two articles that discuss the findings: The ABC, “Young people don’t understand how texting can turn ugly, report says” and from The Guardian, “One in seven young Australians say rape justified if women change their mind, study finds” 

Read the full NCAS Report here.