WCHM released the report “This is what the real experience is like…” The views of same sex attracted women in the ACT about their health; their health needs; their access to services, supports, and information; and the barriers to maintain their health which was based on the results of a consultation on the health and health needs of same sex attracted women. The report summarised the findings and narratives of over 350 women who participated in the research.

WCHM with the support of AIDS Action Council conducted this research because understanding how same sex attracted women use services and knowing about their health issues at different stages can help to inform the provision of better health responses for them in the ACT, and inform better access to appropriate health information provision. This research was important as it adds a local context to national and international evidence and brings the specific voices of ACT’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer (LGBQ) women, including cis and transgender women voices to the discussion. And it addresses a local data gap for LGBQ women which will complement the Canberra Gay Community Periodic Survey of gay, bisexual, and trans men 18 years and older.