Woman's hand holding an iPhone in front of a laptop

Using digital technologies for health

Do you use apps on your phone or tablet, websites, social media, or online searches to find information about, or help manage, health and medical issues?

Women’s Centre for Health Matters are hosting discussion groups from March to June 2017 for women in the following groups:

  1. 18-25 year old women
  2. Women with babies and young children under 5 years
  3. Women with chronic health conditions
  4. Women with mental health conditions
  5. Women who have or have had cancer
  6. Women aged 65 or over
  7. Women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  8. Women with a disability

The discussion groups will be hosted by Women’s Centre for Health Matters, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Canberra.

The objective of the discussion groups is to better understand how women living in Canberra use digital technologies for health and medical reasons: e.g. online searches, apps, websites and social media.

The findings from the research will be published as a report that will be available to participants when the project concludes later in 2017, through the Women’s Centre for Health Matters.
If you are interested in talking about how you use digital technologies for health and medical reasons, please email us with your name, contact phone number, postcode, and which group you are interested in. We will send you an invitation to your discussion group once the time and place have been set.