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Gender & disadvantage: why does it matter?

WCHM, in conjunction with National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) held a successful launch of our new report – Hidden Disadvantage amongst women in the ACT (by Emma Davidson) – at a lunchtime event on Monday 6 June. The CEO introduced the new report’s findings:

  • Disadvantage is here in the ACT, and it’s not evenly distributed. It’s worse for women than men.
  • There are two and a half times more women who are sole parents in low income households than men in the same situation.
  • There are 26 suburbs with a high proportion of women in sole parent households on a low income AND high proportion of women who don’t have at least a Year 10 education level.
  • There is nowhere in the ACT where sole parents on a low income, or single people on low income including the Age Pension, can afford to pay private rent.
  • Access to housing, education, employment, and other services is limited for women experiencing disadvantage due to low income, caring responsibilities as a sole parent, or low education level.


A panel of speakers was then facilitated by Virginia Haussegger (Director, 50/50 by 2030 Foundation) to discuss the topic. The speakers were:

  • Ashleigh Streeter-Jones (ACT Woman of the Year, 2018)
  • Matt Grudnoff (Senior Economist, The Australia Institute)
  • Susan Helyar (Director, ACTCOSS)

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