Over the last month WCHM has been busy developing our submission in response to the ACT Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence – Policy approaches and responses, and also working with the ACT Women’s Services Network on a submission.  Once authorised by the Committee for publication, the submission will be available on WCHM’s website.

WCHM is also busy preparing 2 other submissions:

  • The inquiry into Housing by the Planning and Urban Renewal Committee – WCHM’s submission will focus on ACT women and housing affordability, and will be informed by several forums we held recently with interested women and from previous research we have undertaken and been involved with; and
  • A paper in response to a Conversation Starter about an ACT Office for Mental Health, in which WCHM will focus on issues relating to ACT women in relation to the current mental health system and how these issues might inform the potential roles, responsibilities, functions and structure of the Office.

If you are interested in finding out more or would be interested in sharing your views please contact us at admin@wchm.org.au.