WCHM success in ACT Women’s Grants

The Minister Berry announced the successful grant recipients for the ACT Women’s Grants Program 2017-2018 on 13 July 2018. The program provides funding for initiatives aimed at improving the status and lives of women and girls in the ACT, and initiatives that focus on the prevention of violence against women. A total amount of $180,000 was made available for the ACT Women’s Safety Grants and the Participation (Women’s) Grants.

WCHM was pleased to be find out that we were successful in our applications for two of the 2017-18 ACT Women’s Safety Grants:

  • A Women’s Safety Grant of $40,000 for In Their Own Voice in partnership with Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT – to engage young women in the ACT in the production of local information resources about sexual and reproductive heath and safe healthy relationships; and
  • A Women’s Participation Grant of $20,000 for the project Developing the capacity of women in prison.

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