On September 5th, members and stakeholders joined WCHM for an event to celebrate Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week. The theme for this year was Plant the Seeds of Good Health. Tara Cheyne MLA, started off the evening by sharing her personal experience with using Canberra Sexual Health Centre and highlighting the importance of having regular health and STI checks, but most importantly, knowing where to go to get these checks done. She went on to say that knowing your local health resources is a key to maintaining good health and wellbeing and launched WCHM’s new website, the ACT Women’s Health Hub, which provides links and resources to already-existing, credible and trustworthy information about health, wellbeing and services for women in the ACT.

The event also showcased WCHM’s other recently released website, ACTeenChoices, a sexual and reproductive health information site for young women in the ACT which was developed in partnership with Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT. And attendees heard an informal presentation on the main findings from WCHM’s latest report, “This is what the real experience is like…”, with the report’s author, WCHM staff member Amber Hutchison and Izzy Mudford from AIDS Action Council who developed a snapshot from the findings of the reports.

Everyone who attended the event received a Jean Hailes bag full of women’s health information and helpful resources from the ACT region.