5 paper oats with one in the lead

On Thursday 17th October, WCHM held it’s Annual General Meeting. There were five vacancies on the WCHM Board, and we were pleased that there were seven nominees for those positions.  Members held a secret ballot and re-elected Melissa Hobbs and Lori Rubenstein for their second terms on the Board and also elected new Board members Romy Listo, Jolene Reece and Mirjana Wilson.  You can read about them here.

Our Annual Report was presented at the AGM and highlighted that, despite our small size, during 2018-19 WCHM:

  • released six major reports, and worked on another which will be released in 2019/20;
  • developed 3 new information websites for ACT women for release in 2019-20, and maintained 5 current information websites for women;
  • contributed 6 submissions to Government;
  • held several forums and expos for women;
  • shared the results from WCHM’s research and from feedback from women to the relevant Ministers and MLAs and Directorates, and through participation in many ACT consultation forums and advisory bodies; and
  • had an increased presence in the media around the important issues for women in the ACT, with the Centre’s work covered by print media, radio, and TV.

You can read WCHM’s Annual Report 2018-19 here.