The final report from our analysis of our COVID survey of ACT women is almost fully complete and ready to be launched. And WCHM has been invited to appear as a witness in the virtual public hearing by the ACT’s Select Committee on the Covid-19 Pandemic Response on Thursday 9 July 2020 to share the results.  We were also pleased to see that the Chief Minister recognised the significant impact on ACT women of  COVID in his State of the Territory address in mid-June when he said ‘We must also acknowledge and address the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on women, who continue to bear most of the load of unpaid domestic labour and child-rearing responsibilities, and who are most affected by domestic and family violence.’ You can read his full speech here.

And we are finalising the content of a post Covid-19 survey to gather the views of ACT women now that the restrictions are easing and will be released shortly.