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Women’s input to changes to bus stop locations – safety impacts 

WCHM has heard from some women that the changes to the bus routes and changes to bus stop locations have resulted in issues for them about safely getting home. We have also heard that older women have been impacted adversely when bus stops have been relocated from outside retirement villages. WCHM is keen to hear from you if you have specific examples of changes to bus stop locations that have made them feel unsafe to use.  Please contact us on admin@wchm.org.au with your examples.

Tiny Houses

WCHM is working with representatives from the National Council for Women and other women’s services to consider a proposal for the option of access to tiny houses as a way to address access for ACT women in need of short term urgent accommodation.

Older women research

WCHM, with the support of the Council On The Ageing ACT, is currently developing a consultation survey about older women in the ACT and their use of health services and their health needs. This will be an opportunity for us to understand what is working and not working for them when seeking to maintain good health.  This research will complement the series of reports we have done over the last few years with ACT women and groups of women.