WCHM is holding a Women and Mental Health Working Group on 19 December to gather the views and input of key stakeholders to the establishment of the new ACT Office for Mental Health.

This will help to inform a meeting on 21 December with Dr Sebastian Rosenberg from Synergia Consulting, about how to ensure that the ACT can capitalise on the opportunity of the new Office and to ensure that gendered mental health issues is part of the discussion. This provides an opportunity to contribute to questions such as:

  • What are the key challenges facing women in relation to the mental health in the ACT?
  • How can a new Office address these challenges?
  • Are there specific powers, tasks or roles a new Office should undertake?  Any that should be avoided?
  • How could a new Office drive better Territory-wide integration of our mental health system? What does it need structurally, formally, legislatively, relationship-wise, and financially to boost this integration?  What would a more integrated mental health system look like for women in particular?
  • If the new Office was to be judged as successful, what would have changed in the ACT for women with mental health issues in five years’ time?
  • What relationship should the new Office have with consumers, carers, health professionals, government agencies, researchers, others?