ACT women’s views about women only health services in the ACT

In late 2018, WCHM sought ACT women’s views about the value of women only health services in the ACT, and their knowledge of the ACT Women’s Health Service. Over 140 women responded to the short survey over the 14 days that it was open. WCHM also conducted focus groups and interviews with women including women accessing services such as food and other assistance for financially at risk people, women at the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC), and women at a specialist housing service for women who had experienced domestic and family violence.

The consultation confirmed that ACT women still place great value on women’s health services, and that there is a need for a health service that offers trauma informed care, delivered by female healthcare providers, within a women only health service, and at no out of pocket cost to women.

The findings from the consultation have been summarised in a report What ACT women value in women’s health services which also provides an overview of the findings from WCHM’s research between 1990 to 2017 about women’s experiences of accessing health services and what they were looking for in a women’s health service.  WCHM released the report in May 2019.