Women’s Health Matters (2015)

In 2015 the Centre re-launched Women’s Health Matters (replacing The Women’s Health Hub). Women’s Health Matters continues to be a central portal that provides links to already-existing, credible and trustworthy information about health and wellbeing online, as well as services in the ACT. It also now contains a blog feature where women from the ACT and surrounding areas have written posts about the health issues they are interested in, affected by or supporting others in. Women’s Health Matters  is a direct response to the needs expressed by ACT women and published in WCHM’s research report It goes with the Territory! ACT women’s views about health and wellbeing information. Women’s Health Matters is based on WCHM’s philosophy that when women have access to the health and wellbeing information they need their health decision-making is improved, as well as that of their partners, children, families and communities. Visit Women’s Health Hub now.