Women’s health at every stage information session (2014)

As part of our International Women’s Day celebrations for 2014, the WCHM team collaborated with the ACT Women’s Health Service and the ACT Health Directorate to host a free, day-long information session called Women’s Health at every Stage! As women age, changes in our life impact on our health and our needs change—some things are welcome, and some not so welcome. Being healthy lets us to do the things we want to do. So knowing your options can help you make the right choices and allow you to maintain your health and happiness as you age. It is never too early to start or too late to improve your physical and mental health.

Throughout the afternoon individual speakers covered the key things that women need to think about for each of the following life stages:

  • Teens: Under Construction—This is a time of many changes as girls turn into women, their bodies change and the way they look at the world often changes too. And with schoolwork, family responsibilities, and finding time for friends, dealing with these changes can be stressful.
  • 20s and 30s: Start young to remain healthy—For many women, this stage of life may signal a period of change with many opportunities and challenges. Starting work for the first time, studying, moving away from home, sharing houses, starting motherhood, and being very busy.
  • 40s and 50s: Dealing with a busy life—Levels of tiredness and stress are probably increasing now, and it is a time when women often balance the demands of trying to work and, perhaps, look after a family.
  • 60s plus: Maintaining your health as you age—There may be health issues emerging now, which may place limitations on your ability to stay active and healthy. But it is important to keep as healthy and active as possible to enjoy life and those activities you have always wanted to do, and to stay active socially.

A health expo formed a part of the forum with local women’s health and support services providing information and access to resources about a wide range of topics such as physical health and wellbeing, emotional health and wellbeing, conception and fertility, infertility, contraception, sexual health, having a baby, and menopause. Information was also available for men about what they need to know about the women in their lives.


The forum was held at the ANU Commons Function Centre.