woman with surgical mask on face looking at a laptop screen in the dark

Women’s Health Week will be held on 7-11 September and here at WCHM we will be focussed on releasing a report and a health promotion campaign.

Firstly we will be launching our final report on what we heard from over 540 women in the ACT in their responses to the survey that we conducted from 21 April till 6 May 2020, about their experiences of COVID-19 and the impacts of self-isolation on their health and wellbeing.

Secondly, we will be releasing a joint campaign with Meridian to promote the importance of cervical screening for ‘anyone with a cervix’. This responds to findings on our report “This is what the real experience is like…” which revealed that many respondents did not know they had to have cervical cancer screening regularly because they thought that they did not need to if they were not having penetrative sex with men.

Keep an eye out for both these during Women’s Health Week.