New pay data for the private sector has been released by the director of Australia’s gender equality watchdog on Tuesday 19 November, which shows that on average male full-time workers took home 20.8 per cent, or $25,000, more than women in 2018-19. WGEA’s latest scorecard also found that in Australia’s most female dominated industry, healthcare and social assistance, work to close the pay gap was actually going backwards. In 2015-16, there was a 14.7 per cent pay gap between men and women in that industry, which has since risen to 15.9 per cent. This is consistent with the data in WCHM’s/ACTCOSS report – Creating Opportunity or Entrenching Disadvantage? 5 Years on – ACT Labour Market Data Update – which we released in Anti-Poverty Week which showed community services occupations in the ACT are between 75-90% female, and over the past few years in all occupations in the health care and social assistance industry, the wages were below average earnings.

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