Young women with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT

This is a scoping project to help identify the degree to which information, services and support are relevant to younger women living with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT and whether there is a need for further research.

This project aims to gather insight and understanding into:

  • Young women’s knowledge and experience of pre-existing local programs, courses and services which are specifically funded to provide services, information and support for chronic conditions;
  • The suitability and age-appropriateness of these supports for young women with autoimmune diseases;
  • Their ideas for ways to facilitate and improve young women’s access to information and involvement in activities in the ACT.

Through this scoping project WCHM seeks to explore the need for further research to best inform improvements in service delivery and in policy planning in relationship to the suitability and life-stage appropriateness for young women with autoimmune disease(s) in the ACT.