Much of the current policy planning and chronic condition programs, courses and services focus on the ageing population, but increasingly younger women are developing chronic diseases. So WCHM  conducted a community consultation survey with ACT women aged 18-50 years to find out their experiences of chronic disease and accessing appropriate services and supports in the ACT.

WCHM was seeking to explore;

  • Younger women’s knowledge and experience of programs, courses, and services to provide information and support to those with chronic diseases;
  • Which information, services, and support are relevant to younger women living with chronic disease – including their suitability and age-appropriateness; and
  • The gaps and barriers that might exist, and ideas to improve younger women’s access to and involvement in responses that assist them to manage their conditions in their life stage.

The survey closed on May 26th 2017 and  over 160 responses were received.  WCHM has analysed the results from the information received, and from focus groups with women to explore the top level findings in more detail.

A report on the findings was published in March 2018.